Orchestra Music

by  Leslie Bassett

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (alto sax, 2222,4221, timp. 3 perc., hp, pno-celesta, strings), 17’, 1999, ©2000, Peters #67970, comm. by Institute for American Music (Eastman School of Music), Clifford Leaman, saxophone, with Orchestre Symphonique de Laval, Louis Lavigueur, cond.,World Saxophone Congress, Pierre Mercure Hall, Montreal, July 5, 2000. Recording, Clifford Leaman with Univ. of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Kiesler, cond., Equilibrium Reords EQ__.


Thoughts that Sing, Breathe and Burn (3333,4331, timp, 4 perc, pf-cel, hp, strings), 15:30, 1995 (©1996), Peters #67719, Detroit Sym. Orch., Lan Shui, cond., Orchestra Hall, Detroit, Feb. 27, 28, Mar. 1, 1997.  Recording, MMC 2090, (© 2000),  Moravian Philharmonic, Vit Micka, cond., MMC Recordings (www.mmcmusic.com)


Concerto for Orchestra (3333:4331, 4 perc, pf-cel, hp, strings), 28', 1991 (©1991), Peters #67423, Detroit Symphony Orch., Neeme Jarvi, cond., Orchestra Hall, Detroit, Feb. 6-7-8-9, 1992, comm. by the Koussevitsky Music Foundation , Inc., the Koussevitsky  Foundation in the Library of Congress, and the Detroit Sym. Orch., Recording, MMC 2090,  (© 2000), Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, cond., MMC Recordings (www.mmcmusic.com)


From a Source Evolving  (3333.4331, 4  perc, hp, pf, strings) 14', 1985 (©1986), Peters #67118, Midland Sym. Orch., Neal Gittleman, cond., Midland, MI, Nov. 1, 1986, comm. by Nat. Endowment for the Arts.  Recording by Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Joel Suben, cond., Opus One Records CD 156.


Concerto Lirico (solo trombone with 3232.4231, 4 perc, hp, pf-cel, strings) 18', 1983 (©1984), Peters #66980, H. Dennis Smith, tbn,, Toledo Sym. Orch., Yuval Zaliouk, cond., Toledo, OH, April 6-7, 1984, comm. by Toledo Sym., Recording, MMC 2090  (© 2000). H. Dennis Smith, tbn., Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, cond., MMC Recordings (www.mmcmusic.com)


Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra  (2 solo pianos, 3232.4231, 4 perc, strings), 19', 1976 (©1977), Peters #66719, Nelita True and Fernando Laires, with Midland Sym. Orch., Don Th Jaeger, cond., Apr. 30, 1977, comm. by Midland Sym.,  Recording by these performers on Advance Records FGR 263 (Lp).


Echoes from an Invisible World (2222.4431, 4 perc, hp, pf-cel, strings), 18', 1974-5 (©1976), Peters #66644, Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, cond.,  Feb. 27, 1976, comm. by the Philadelphia Orchestra for the six major US orchestras at the US Bicentennial with funds from the Nat. Endowment for the Arts. Represented U.S. at World Music Days, Tel Aviv, over 60 performancs to date by most major orchestras, Recording by Baltimore Symphony, Sergiu Commissiona, cond., CRI Composers Recordings  CD 677, “American Masters” CD 677


Forces (solo violin, solo cello, solo piano with 2232.3221, 4 perc, strings), 12', 1972 (©1973), Peters #66536, Drake University Orchestra, Thos. Griswold, cond., Des Moines, IA, May 1, 1973, commissioned by Drake University.


Celebration in Praise of Earth (SATB Chorus, amplified speaker, 2222.3221, pf-cel, hp, 4 perc, strings), many "environmental" texts, 13', 1970 (©1971), Peters #66271, Baldwin-Wallace College Choir and Orchestra, George Poinar, cond., Oct. 14, 1971, Berea, OH, comm. by the College for its centennial.


Colloquy (3333.4431, 4 perc, hp, pf-cel, strings), 10', 1968 (©1969), Peters #66269, Fresno Philharmonic, Thomas Griswold, cond., Fresno, CA, May 23, 1969, comm. by the Fresno Philharmonic.


Variations for Orchestra (2222.4231, 4 perc, pf-cel, hp, strings), 23', 1963 (©1966), Peters #6660, RAI Sym. Orchestra of Rome, Feruccio Scaglia, cond., Foro Italico, Rome, July 6, 1963, U.S. Premiere by Philadelphia Orch., Eugene Ormandy, cond., Oct. 22-23, 1965, Pulitzer Prize in Music for 1966,  represented U.S. at UNESCO International Rostrum for Composers, Paris, 1966.  Recording by Radio Zurich Sym. Orch., Jonathan Sternberg, cond., CRI Composers Recordings  “American Masters” CD 677 


Five Movements for Orchestra (3333.4331, 3 perc, pf, strings), 21', 1961, American Composers Edition, BASSE 08999,  RAI  Sym. Orch. of Rome, Massimo Freccia, cond., Foro Italico, Rome,  July 5, 1962


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